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Cable Systems’ range of harsh industrial products for distilleries is designed to withstand exposure to the challenging conditions that are routinely present in a working distillery.

Some of the main risks encountered by harsh industrial equipment for distilleries include:

  • Exposure to chemicals and oils
  • Exposure to detergents during routine washdowns
  • Risk of fire and explosion due to alcohol vapours

Our Ex certified products more than meet the industry’s specific needs, working to counteract the most commonly faced risks and ensure safety of personnel, equipment and stock alike.

Innovative industrial area equipment

Our line-up of innovative industrial area equipment for distilleries takes an inventive approach to product design, to deliver more than just health and safety compliance.

Automation enables labour savings, with bulkhead lighting and LED floodlights that can be turned on automatically when personnel enter, and turned off when no longer needed, for significant cumulative savings on industrial energy bills.

Convenient control stations for Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 provide safe manual control of equipment, ensuring systematic shutdown when required and reducing downtime following an incident.

Together, these industrial area products for distilleries support people in carrying out their jobs in challenging conditions, protect equipment against damage, and safeguard employers’ investment into hardware and high-value products alike.