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Prysmian 370 Aluminium Claw Cleat

Claw Cleat – 370 Series

The Aluminium Claw Cleat 370 Series is LUL approved and the superior choice for industrial or outdoor areas.


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Prysmian 370 Aluminium Claw Cleat

The aluminium claw cleat is an LUL approved cable cleat which is the superior choice for industrial or outdoor areas.

Features and Benefits
  • Suitable for use with cable diameters 10 to 51mm.
  • Can be stacked to a maximum of three on one fixing.
  • Can be used for all types of cable routes.
  • Plain finish – for normal industrial areas or outdoor Unpolluted areas.
  • Epoxy coated versions available for harsher environments.
  • LUL APR Product ID 1959.
Cable and Cleat SelectionCleat Details
Design NumberCable DiameterDimensions (mm)
StandardEpoxy Coated A (mm)BCDEWeight (g)Stud Size
Max            Max

In all applications the cleats should be mounted on suitable M10 fixings. When mounting directly on channel, adaptor plate 380AG02 should be used. When stacking claw cleats use packing piece 389AC03 between cleats.

BS EN 61914:2016ClauseClassificationClause
Type6.1.1MetallicAxial Load6.4.31.5 – 3 kN
Operating Temperature6.2-60°C to +105°C 

Resistance to Short Circuit



32.3kA RMS, 71kA Peak, cable spacing = 100mm

cleat spacing = 600mm cable Ø = 37mm

Impact Resistance6.3.5Very Heavy
Lateral Load6.4.2Orientation 2b: 6- 8 kNResistance to Corrosion6.5.2.2 

High, Outdoor – Wet unpolluted conditions

Orientation 2d: 2.6- 8kN
* Technical Information subject to change without notice

Prysmian 370 Aluminium Claw Cleat Datasheet

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