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Oil and Gas

Cable Systems has served the Oil and Gas industry since 1982, meeting the uniquely harsh environments and hazardous areas of the sector head-on with cutting-edge equipment to mitigate and, where possible, eliminate risks.

We have developed considerable knowledge and experience through decades of working with leading businesses across the sector, as well as with the well-known major brands who supply hazardous area equipment for oil and gas environments.

Oil and Gas Hazardous Area Equipment

Oil and gas exploration, extraction and processing all create high-risk zones with a specific need for hazardous area equipment that minimises the likelihood of fire or explosion.

We stock a comprehensive catalogue of products including Zone 0 equipment for use in areas of highest risk, as well as cable glands and enclosures to shield power and data cables.

Our products tackle risks including fire, explosion, highly combustible vapours, extremes of temperature and much more.

Oil and Gas Harsh Environments

In addition to hazardous area risks, much of the oil and gas sector takes place in harsh environments, including remote exposed locations during exploration, and offshore facilities exposed to saltwater, strong winds, heavy rain and temperature extremes.

Our safety equipment includes LED lighting for indoor and outdoor locations, warning beacons, strobes and audible alarms, and weather-proof telephones.

Find out more by browsing our product catalogue or contact us directly with any enquiries you might have about specific hazardous area equipment for the oil and gas sector.