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Cable Systems stock and supply a diverse range of products for use in the Aviation industry, including passenger and freight airports, outdoor use on airfields, hangars and terminals, and exposed settings such as marine helipads.

Much of our portfolio is suitable for Aviation environments and to meet specific risks within the sector, for example flame-proof and explosion-proof heating for cargo terminals where hazardous materials may be handled.

Full technical specifications and datasheets are available for products across the Cable Systems website, allowing you to choose based on criteria including ICAO certification, ATEX/IECEx rating, T1-T6 temperature class, explosion-risk groups, hazardous area zones and so on.


Uses for Harsh & Industrial Products in Aviation

There are many certified products for harsh, hazardous and industrial settings across Aviation applications, including for example:


Airfield/Obstruction Lighting

Aviation obstructions (e.g. tall structures) should be marked with certified lighting under ICAO Annex 14. Modern airfield obstruction lighting uses low-energy LED luminaires, and can operate on voltages including 24V DC and 115/230V AC, with rugged housing to prevent damage due to vibration and high winds.


Beacons and Strobes

Towers and tall buildings are not the only risk posed in Aviation environments. Cable Systems’ comprehensive portfolio of visible beacons and strobes offer a way to alert personnel to safety risks in noisy areas. Audible sirens and klaxons provide immediate warnings where line of sight is not available. Rugged telephones for industrial and outdoor settings allow for quick communication in a crisis.


Signal/Power Transmission

We supply a vast range of cable glands and connectors, conduits and sealing systems, cable trays and support systems. With products for indoor and outdoor use, hazardous areas and industrial environments, Cable Systems can cater for challenging Aviation-industry installations of power and data cables alike.


Ex Groups and Temperature Classes

ICAO-certified Aviation products provide immediate peace of mind that harsh and industrial equipment is compliant with International Civil Aviation Organization specifications, particularly under Annex 14 for airfield and aerodrome design.

More generally, explosion-risk groups (ex groups) and temperature classes can offer a guide to which products are suitable for use in industrial Aviation environments.


Ex Group for Aviation Equipment

Ex group IIA includes most typical vehicle fuels, such as petrol, diesel and – crucially for Aviation customers – aviation fuel. As such, group IIA should be the minimum specification for products to be used in the presence of aviation fuel and its vapours.


Temperature Class for Aviation Equipment

Temperature class indicates that the product is suitable for use in the presence of materials that may ignite at or above a certain temperature. The minimum temperature class for Aviation equipment is T3, equivalent to a safe temperature of up to 200C. Higher T-numbers are safer (i.e. T3-6 rated equipment should be suitable for use around aviation fuel, subject to ex group and other relevant criteria).


Find Out More

For more information about any of Cable Systems’ Aviation industry products, including lights, beacons and strobes, cable management accessories, enclosures and sealing systems, you’ll find full datasheets on every page of our website.

Alternatively, contact us directly and we will be happy to recommend products that meet your specifications in terms of ex group, temperature class, ICAO certification and other such criteria.