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Hawke Cable Gland Training

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If you are involved with projects associated with hazardous locations, which involves the installation or inspection and maintenance of electrical or non-electrical e.g. mechanical; equipment that is in accordance with EN or IEC standards associated with potentially explosive atmospheres, it is likely that the new training and competence requirements will affect you.

The electrical installation standard IEC 60079-14: 2007 specifies in detail the competency levels and the requirements for people involved in the manufacture and installation of equipment or plant designed for use in hazardous (potentially explosive) atmospheres.

The requirement for competency of installers applies to persons installing equipment on a plant and is equally applicable to many manufacturers who assemble certified ATEX or IEC/EN equipment to form an assembly. Management and Design personnel also have specified training requirements listed in the standard.

Cable Systems working in partnership with Hawke International, are able to provide on-site Hawke Cable Gland installation training.

All Cable Gland types can be included in the training, typically:-

  • Hawke ICG/653 Barrier Gland, both compound options, ExPress liquid barrier resin or QSP 2-part hand mix compound
  • Hawke 501/453/Universal
  • Hawke 501/453/RAC
  • Hawke 501/421

Upon successful completion of the training, a certificate of competence is awarded from the manufacturer – Hawke International.

To find out more about Hawke Cable Gland Installation Training from Cable Systems, simply contact Cable Systems directly or through our Contact Us page.

Hawke Cable Gland Installation Examples

ExPress Resin Installation Guide

Hawke ICG 653 Universal Cable Gland

Hawke 501 453 RAC Cable Gland