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Audible & Visual Warning Signals

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Audible & Visual Warning Signals

Audible and visual warning signals are a way to raise the alarm in hazardous areas either as an automated response to a detected threat, or via a manual alarm call point activated by a member of personnel.

In either case, audible alarms alert anyone in the area to an immediate risk, regardless of which direction they are looking, while visual warnings can make personnel aware of a threat in areas with high background noise and where hearing protection is used.

Together, audible and visual warning signals offer a comprehensive way to let employees and other individuals in the area know that a hazard has been detected or reported, so that evacuation or some other appropriate action can be taken.

Cable Systems stock a variety of audible alarms including loudspeakers, horns and sounders, suitable for a range of hazardous area applications.

Our visual warning signals include 'traffic light' status lights, strobes and beacons in a variety of colours, allowing you to give a colour-coded response.

We also stock combination units which produce both light and sound, along with manual alarm call points and automatic detectors for threats like fire and elevated temperature.