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Roxtec RM Ex Cable Module Block

Roxtec RM Ex modules are 60 mm (2.362″) deep and easy to adapt to cable and pipes of different sizes. When used with a solid core, the module functions as a spare module for future capacity.


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Roxtec RM Ex module with Multidiameter™

Roxtec, sealing modules, with core. A Roxtec RM Ex sealing module consists of two halves, and has removable layers and a center core. Thanks to this technology called Multidiameter™, one single module can seal a cable or pipe over a span of several different diameters simply by peeling layers from the module halves. This ensures a perfect fit into the selected frame as part of a high performance cable sealing system.

Roxtec Multidiameter™ is an innovation for flexibility based on removable layers. It makes the mechanical system adaptable to cables and pipes of different sizes. With only a few parts you get a strong reliable barrier securing operational performance.

The system simplifies design, installation and inspection. Avoid surprises onsite due to late changes – and reduce the number of stock items. With spare modules in openable seals, you are ready for upgrades and high cable density. 

ProductNumber of cables/pipesFor cable/pipe Ø (mm)External dimensions WxHxD (mm)Weight (kg)Art. No
RM 15 Ex13 – 1115 x 15 x 600.02EXRM00100151000
RM 15w40 Ex33.5 – 10.540 x 15 x 600.05EXRM00115401000
RM 20 Ex14 – 14.520 x 20 x 600.04EXRM00100201000
RM 20w40 Ex23.5 – 16.540 x 20 x 600.07EXRM00120401000
RM 30 Ex110 – 2530 x 30 x 600.08EXRM00100301000
RM 30H90 Ex110 – 2530 x 90 x 600.25EXRM00300309000
RM 40 Ex121.5 – 34.540 x 40 x 600.14EXRM00100401000
RM 40 10-32 Ex19.5 – 32.540 x 40 x 600.14EXRM00140101000
RM 60 Ex128 – 5460 x 60 x 600.32EXRM00100601000
RM 60 24-54 Ex124 – 5460 x 60 x 600.33EXRM01060245400
RM 80 Ex148 – 7180 x 80 x 600.6153229
RM 90 Ex148 – 7190 x 90 x 600.7EXRM00100901000
RM 120 Ex167.5 – 99120 x 120 x 601.3EXRM00101201000

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