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Industrial Cable Glands

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Industrial cable glands for harsh & industrial environments are cable connectors that securely attach the end of a cord or cable to a piece of equipment, without introducing an unnecessary risk.

Harsh & industrial cable fittings come in a variety of sizes and types, and can be used to secure, connect and protect a number of different types of cable:

  • Unarmoured cable
  • Plastic insulated cable
  • Single wire armoured cable
  • Braided sheath cable
  • Steel tape armoured cable

This is not an exhaustive list, and many industrial cord grips can be used on almost any kind of cable, including niche applications not mentioned here.

At Cable Systems we stock a wide range of Hawke cable glands for industrial & harsh environments, including:

  • Reversible Armour Clamp (RAC) cable glands
  • Fire-resistant Hawke FireMate cable glands
  • Extra-strong Hawke ToughMate cable glands

Finally, we also stock locknuts, washers, TPE shrouds, earth tags, sealing putty, Hawke ExPress barrier resin, gland-mounted clamps (GMC) and Hawke cable gland spanners, all of which you can find under Cable Glands Accessories.

To find out more, visit any product's page and scroll down for full specifications and any available downloads and datasheets.