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Trace Heating

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Trace heating products are used to maintain the temperature of pipework in hazardous areas, especially in exposed areas where ambient temperatures may fall very low.

An electrical heating element is run along the pipe, in physical contact with the pipe along its full length.

Thermal insulation is then placed around the pipe and element, not only providing an additional passive way to prevent the pipe from freezing, but also retaining heat from the element.

Self-regulating cables automatically adjust their output according to the ambient temperature, to prevent overheating in warmer conditions and ensure output increases again as the temperature drops.

Trace heating systems can also be thermostat controlled, with a variety of electronic and mechanical thermostats available for this.

Using trace heating products, you can protect pipes against freezing, or keep the temperature of the pipe within some other acceptable range.

And because they are designed for use in hazardous areas, these products cater to a variety of potential hazards, so that the safety of personnel and equipment in the area is not put at increased risk through their use.