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Hazardous Area Connectors

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Hazardous area connectors allow all kinds of connections to be made safely in the presence of hazardous zones, whether due to environmental conditions, inflammable gases or some other safety risk.

Using hazardous area connectors, you not only protect electrical, optical, instrumentation and control connections against outside conditions, but can also ensure that they are shielded against any risk of igniting fumes in the surrounding area.

Hawke International hazardous area connectors cover all of the main categories with shielded multi-way connections including a range suitable for higher power applications:

• FibreEx for optical fibre connections.
• PowerEx for high power connections.
• ControlEx for lower power control links.
• InstrumEx for instrumentation and signal links.

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Products in this range generally have an operating temperature of anywhere between -40C and +60C, along with deluge protection and certification for a variety of hazardous area types.

For full details, click through to individual categories or product pages and check the Technical Data or downloadable documentation for the specific type of hazardous area connector you need.