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Hawke H-DM Series Cable Blocks

Standard tolerant blocks for cable sealing between 15 mm and 60 mm. The H-DM system blocks have color coding to facilitate inspection and avoid installation mistakes.


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Cable Blocks Details

Hawke tolerant blocks have five sealing faces that are displaced by the sealing process. This results in a range of 4mm for cable diameters without any modifications.

This enables a wide range of cable or pipe diameters to be accommodated by a compact range of tolerant block sizes.

All of the cable blocks have the tolerance marked onto them to aid onsite inspection. They are also colour coded to minimise incorrect installation.

Label ALabel B








DM 15315350.01Red
DM 15515570.01White
DM 15715790.01Blue
DM 20320360.02Green
DM 20620690.02Pink
DM 209209120.02Brown
DM 20112011140.02Yellow
DM 20132013160.02Golden
DM 30123012150.04Red
DM 30153015180.04White
DM 30183018210.04Blue
DM 30213021240.03Orange
DM 40124012150.12Green
DM 40154015180.09Pink
DM 40224022250.08Red
DM 40254025280.07White
DM 40284028310.06Blue
DM 40314031340.05Orange
DM 60316031340.17Red
DM  60346034370.17White
DM 60476037400.16Blue
DM 60406040430.15Orange
DM 60436043460.14Purple
DM 60466046490.13Yellow
DM 60496049520.11Green
DM 60526052540.09Pink

Hawke H-DM Series Cable Blocks Datasheet

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