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Hazardous area motion sensors offer all of the usual security and energy saving benefits of being able to detect movement of personnel or equipment in an area.

They are also uniquely designed for safe operation in hazardous zones, including in the presence of flammable and explosive gases and dust clouds.

Ex-Mo motion sensors are a world first – explosion-proof motion sensors that use the microwave Doppler principle for safe use in IP66 Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous areas with Atex and IECEX compliance.

When a person or vehicle enters the monitored area, the Ex-Mo motion sensor detects the disruption in the microwaves reflected back to it and can switch on lights and security cameras.

Once the movement ends, the sensor returns to the default ‘off’ state, saving wasted energy, reducing your carbon footprint and ensuring security cameras only record when necessary.

Ex-Mo mounting brackets keep your sensor securely in position, while the Ex-Mo infrared controller enables manual remote override of the sensor and can be used to adjust time, movement and light thresholds as required.