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Hawke 623 Group I Mining Cable Gland

Flameproof Exdb / Increased Safety Exeb / Dual Certified ATEX – IECEx


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The 623 barrier type cable gland is suitable for use with non-armoured elastomer and plastic insulated cables. The cable gland is certified Exdb / Exeb and is suitable for installation in mining applications.

  • Suitable for use with cable inner sheaths that are not effectively filled, compact and/or circular, have tape bedding or have hygroscopic fillers.
  • For use with cables that exhibit ‘cold flow’ characteristics.
  • Suitable for enclosures containing an ignition source.
  • Provides a barrier seal between the individual insulated cores within the cable and prevents entry of the products of an explosion into the cable.
  • Assembly of the cable gland compresses and distributes the compound evenly to effect a barrier seal at the point of entry into the enclosure.
  • The compound chamber may be separated from the cured compound to ensure that the chamber has been effectively filled. If required, external voids can be repaired.
  • Provides a cable retention seal onto the cables outer sheath.
  • Manufactured in Brass (standard), Nickel Plated Brass or 316 Stainless Steel. Brass NPT entries are nickel plated as standard.

Ordering Format [ Gland Type / Size / Thread / Material / Options ]; Example: 623 / C / M32 / Brass; Example with alternative seal option: 623 / C / M32 / Brass / S

Application Suitable for use in mining applications.
Ingress Protection
  • IP66
  • IP67
  • IP68 (30 metres for 7 days) *additional installation procedures required
Material Brass (standard); Nickel Plated Brass; 316 Stainless Steel or Aluminium; Brass NPT entries are nickel plated as standard
Operating Temparature Range Celcius -60°C to +80°C
Series Group I Mining Cable Glands
Certifications and Compliance
Certified Listed
  • ATEX
  • IECEx
  • EAC
Hazardous Rating(s)
  • Exdb I Mb
  • Exeb I Mb
Industry Standard(s)
  • IEC/EN 60079-0
  • IEC/EN 60079-1
  • IEC/EN 60079-7

623 Group I Mining Cable Gland Datasheet

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