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Roxtec Pre-Compression Wedge

To simplify the installation of sealing modules, the pre-compression wedges excite a strong force by the tightening of a screw.

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Roxtec pre-compression tools simplify the installation of sealing modules and compression units. They can pre-compress the contents of the frame making room for the compression unit and also hold the packing material in place during short breaks in the installation work. The pre-compression tool S/L is used when pre-compression force is needed early in the installation. It has a long stroke and can be used in incomplete installations when the installation will be partially installed over longer periods of time. The eccentric tools in lightweight aluminium are designed to fit standard 3/8″ square drives. They come in three different sizes to be used at different packing heights. The pre-compression wedges excite a strong force by the tightening of a screw. They have a small footprint and are used just before inserting the wedge. They have a long-lasting expansion and can be left in the frame over time to fixate the packing material. The handgrip pre-compression tool is a lever that distributes force in the frame by manual force. It has a small footprint to fit the smallest gaps and is used directly before inserting the Roxtec wedge.

  • Practical tools to simplify compression of sealing modules

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