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Enclosures and accessories are a crucial category of harsh & industrial products, providing an outer shell to protect all kinds of equipment installed inside the enclosure.

Cable Systems stock a range of harsh environment enclosures with high ingress protection and resistance to corrosion, and suitable for applications including building automation, industrial control and Internet of Things.

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Cable Systems’ harsh environment enclosures provide IP 66/67 and IK 09 protection, with a long list of associated benefits which includes:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Flame retardant
  • Mechanical impact resistance
  • RF transparency
  • Sunlight and UV resistance

Enclosures can feature a strong viewing window, so inspections can be carried out without opening the enclosure, and without putting any of the equipment inside at risk.

We also stock a variety of mounting kits, allowing hazardous area enclosures to be installed to a wall-mounted or pole-mounted position as appropriate for the industrial area.

To find out more, visit the products’ pages for downloadable datasheets and full specifications, or contact Cable Systems if you have any enquiries about enclosures for IoT, automation and control in harsh and industrial environments.