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Hawke 501/RCG Cable Gland Coupler

The RCG coupler allows an installer to extend an existing piece of cable without the need to use a junction box, or a more permanent splice kit.

Increased Safety, Dust Protection Certified ATEX / IECEx / UKEx

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The 501/RCG Coupler is certified Exe, and is an inline quick connection product suitable for use as a cable extension device or an alternative to a junction box. Suitable for all types of cable, including unarmoured, armoured and braided.

  • Quick disconnect pin and socket arrangement inside a connection tube
  • Reversible Armour Clamp – For all types of armour and braid
  • Patented Cable Gland Tightening Guide – Helps prevent damage caused by over tightening
  • Unique Rear Seal – Offering ultimate sealing over an extremely wide cable acceptance range
  • External Earthing Tag supplied as standard
501/RCG Coupler Selection Table
Body Size Seal/Ring Size Inner Sheath Outer Sheath Steel Wire Armour/Tape/Braid Max Hexagon Dimensions
Max Min Max Orientation 1 Orientation 2 Across Flats Across Corners
4-Pin Os 8.1 5.5 12 0.8-1.25 0-0.8 24 26.5
O 11.4 9.5 16 0.8-1.25 0-0.8 24 26.5
A 14.3 12.5 20.5 0.8-1.25 0-0.8 30 32.5
6-pin O 11.4 9.5 16 0.8-1.25 0-0.8 24 26.5
A 14.3 12.5 20.5 0.8-1.25 0-0.8 30 32.5
B 19.7 16.9 26 1.25-1.6 0-0.7 36 39.5
B (AR) 19.7 16.9 26 0.9-1.25 0.5-0.9 36 39.5

For Alternative Ring with 6-pin B size add “AR” to end of code string

Ordering Information
Name 501/RCG
Number of cores 4 4 pins
6 6 pins
Body style C Coupler
Cable OD S OS (4way)
O O (4/6way)
A A (4/6way)
B B (6way)
Supplied Brass Nickel Plated as standard
For additional clamping and to meet IEC EN BS 60079-14 10.3, the GMC can be used with the 501/RCG A flange mount can be purchased as a separate line item, for details contact Hawke Technical

Order Example: 501/RCG-4-C-A

Application Suitable for use in Zone 1, Zone 21, Zone 2 and Zone 22
Ingress Protection IP66, IP67, DTS01
Material Brass Nickel Plated


Certifications and Compliance
ATEX File Number CML20ATEX3217X
Certified Listed IEC/EN 60079-0, IEC/EN 60079-7 and IEC/EN 60079-31
Hazardous Rating(s) Ex II 2 GD Ex eb IIC T6/T5 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T80°C/95°C Db Suitable for use in Zone 1, Zone 21, Zone 2 and Zone 22
IECEx File Number CML20.0137X


Download Hawke 501 RCG Cable Gland Coupler Data sheet

Download Hawke RCG Mini Catalogue

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