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Audible & Visual Warning Devices

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Audible & visual warning signals alert human occupants to dangers in harsh and industrial environments including marine installations, oil rigs and others.

They are essential to raise the alarm in challenging conditions, for example in poor visibility and/or high levels of background noise.


Beacons & strobes provide a visual alarm condition, using bright lights and/or flashing lights to attract the attention of any personnel in the area, and breaking through zones of poor visibility using high-intensity bulbs that are impossible to miss.

Sounders add an audible alarm to the visual alert provided by beacons & strobes, and again these can operate at volumes and frequencies that make them difficult to miss, even against background noise.


As well as a simple yes-no alarm state, status lights & combination units can display multiple different conditions, for example a 'traffic lights' system of danger, caution and all-clear states.

Finally, industrial telephones can provide an essential means of communication to contact emergency services when the alarm is raised, ensuring that a rapid response is requested when it is needed.