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Agriculture / Food and Beverage

The agriculture industry presents some specific risks in terms of hazardous areas, and Cable Systems work extensively with some of the largest organisations in the sector to supply certified products for a range of high-risk zones.

This includes Gas Zones 1 and 2, and Dust Zones 21 and 22. Fine powders represent a specific explosion risk particularly when airborne and should be a safety priority for any agricultural business involved in grinding, milling and so on.

Cable Systems’ certified products provide peace of mind for agricultural operators, as well as making it easier to find hazardous area equipment that is rated to the necessary standard for the risk you are trying to mitigate.

Hazardous area lighting for the Food & Beverage industry

Cable Systems also supplies hazardous area lighting for use in the food & beverage industry.

Low-energy LED lighting reduces running costs, can last for much longer without requiring servicing or maintenance of the luminaire, and has several characteristics beneficial in areas with a risk of fire or explosion.

Because LED lights run much cooler than other technologies, they can be supplied in fully sealed units, allowing for safe illumination of large warehouses and industrial food facilities, without increasing health & safety risks.

For more information, download the product datasheet for any of our hazardous area equipment, or contact Cable Systems directly if you need advice on how to mitigate a specific risk.