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Cable Systems stock hazardous area air warmers manufactured by EXHEAT, a world-renowned manufacturer of custom-engineered process and immersion heaters, fan heaters and enclosure/cabinet heaters.

EXHEAT air warmers are purpose-built for use in hazardous zones, including flame-proof heaters that can be certified for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22.

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The company’s air warmers support increased safety requirements, and are supplied with CE marking and CENELEC, IECEx or ATEX certification as appropriate, to meet a wide range of regulated environments and different types of hazardous areas.

EXHEAT fan heaters can be fixed or portable, and include the MFH Bulldog for convenient warmth in any hazardous area in an instant, as well as liquid-filled radiators, convector heaters and many more options.

The brand’s air warmers can be thermostat-controlled and include self-regulating heaters, which will not exceed their own acceptable ambient temperature range, enabling effective automation of the on-off cycle in remote positions.

Please contact Cable Systems with any enquiries, or visit the individual product pages for more detailed specifications and downloadable product data sheets, to help you choose which items to order.