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Chalmit Protecta X (PRXI – Standard & Emergency)

Meet the next generation of linear luminaires. Designed for LED technology, the Protecta X is ideal for use in industrial environments.



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Introducing the Protecta X – LED Linear Luminaire

Be prepared to break the Linear Mould

The ideal solution for Industrial Applications – meet the Protecta X. For over 50 years, traditional linear luminaires have dominated lower level lighting applications. But the linear shape, designed for the fluorescent lamps they originally housed, actually inhibits the performance of LEDs. The Protecta X design puts LED technology at the centre for superior lumen output and an incredible lifespan. Take a look at some of the incredible features below.

  • 20,000-hour maintenance free lifespan at 25 degC
  • The lumen output of a 4ft linear in a lightweight and slimline package using specialised optics
  • A targeted bright, white output with minimal spill light
  • Market-leading efficacy of = 135 lm/W
  • Multiple beam distributions available

Built for Industrial Environments

The Protecta X has been built using marine grade aluminium for exceptional performance in the harshest environments. Plus, with an ambient temperature range of 40 degC to +60 degC in standard models and -25 degC to +60 degC in the emergency variants, for hazardous areas – choose the Protecta X.

Putting the Customer at the Centre

Before designing the Protecta X the Chalmit team carried out an extensive voice of the customer survey. The key piece of feedback that came back because of this was that customers wanted two things – effortless installation and simple maintenance. To solve this, our team designed three essential features.

Std. Cat No.Delivered OutputPower ConsumptionAmbient °CWeight
PRXI/02L/LE2600 lm16W-40 to +606.8kg
PRXI/05L/LE5200 lm36W-40 to +608.8kg
PRXI/02L/LE/EM2600 lm18.5W-25 to +607.3kg
PRXI/05L/LE/EM5200 lm38.5W-25 to +609.3kg
Options – Suffix to Catalogue No.
/M25M25 cable entries/3H3 hour battery duration (02L = 25% output; 05L = 12.5% output) [Standard on ASW or ASL versions]
/LBELooping both sides [Non Emergency only]/4K4000K (Neutral White) LED Strips
/ELExtra live termination facility (to match emergency circuit)/SCScrewed connection terminal block (up to 6mm² conductors)
/EMIInternal battery pack [replace /EM with /EMI]/BNIBatteries not included [Emergency version only]
/NSTNon Self Test [Emergency version only]/DMDALI Dimmable driver
/ASLAsymmetric along length optic/MMedium beam optic
/ASWAsymmetric along width optic [05L version only]/BPNickel plated brass plugs
/8080 CRI LEDs/ODOpal diffuser (max. 30% reduction in output)
Accessories order separatelyOrder Code
Pole mounting bracket assembly (38-42mm diameter poles)SPOL4-100001
Pole mounting bracket assembly (48-52mm diameter poles)SPOL4-100002
Pole mounting bracket assembly (58-62mm diameter poles)SPOL4-100003
Hook type ceiling bracket assemblySPRO4-0005
Flush mounted wall bracket assemblySPRO4-0006
Ceiling bracket assemblySPRO4-0002
Standard wall mounting outreach bracket (use with SPOL4-100001)NPRO4-0008
Eyebolt mounting assemblySPRO5-0005
Protecta 4ft adaptor bracketSPRO5-0006
Product Details
Color Rendering Index (CRI)>70 CRI
Color Temperature5000 K
Ingress ProtectionIP66/67 to EN 60529
Material – BodyMarine grade aluminium
Material – Housing
  • Driver enclosure with epoxy powder finish (RAL 9005)
  • Polycarbonate diffuser
Mounting Type
  • Ceiling
  • Rail
  • Suspended
  • Pole
  • Wall
SeriesX Series
Standard Specification
Protecta X LED Linear
EnclosureMarine grade aluminium body with polycarbonate diffuser.
Driver enclosure with epoxy powder finish (RAL 9005)
Entry4 x M20 cable entries – 2 at each end [3 cable entries on Emergency with battery stick]
Termination3 core 4mm² max conductor [4 core on Emergency] with looping one end and 16A rating
through wiring
Installation2 x M8 mounting points located on the rear of the body
Control GearElectronic Driver
Colour Temperature (CCT)5000K (Cool White)
Colour Rendering Index (Ra)>70
MaintenanceFront access panel with Torx screws
LED Lifetime @ 60°C AmbientL70 > 200,000hrs
Maintenance Free Lifetime @ Ambient120,000hrs @ 25°C; 90,000hrs @ 60°C
BatterySwappable Ni-MH (6V) battery stick [Emergency version only]
Emergency Duration90 mins (25% output)
Ingress ProtectionIP66/67 to EN 60529
Surge Protection4kV
Electrical Supply110-277V AC, 50/60Hz
127-250V DC

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