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Prysmian 385 Telcleat

Telcleat – 385 Series

The Telcleat Cable Cleat 385 Series is suitable for use with cables diameter 10 to 51mm.


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Prysmian 385 Telcleat

The telcleat is a single piece cable cleat which provides protection against all weather conditions, simple installation on a one piece, single fixing design.

Features and Benefits
  • Suitable for use with cable diameters 10 to 51mm.
  • Manufactured from Low Density Polythene.
  • Overlapping self-adjusting ranges.
  • Sunlight (UV) and weather resistant.
  • One piece, single fixing design.
  • Can be double stacked on a single fixing.
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +60°C.
  • Tested in accordance with BS EN 50368
Cable and Cleat Selection                                                                      Cleat Details
Design NumberCable DiameterStandard PackDimensions (mm)Roundhead woodscrewScrew Bolt
A (mm)QuantitiesBCDWeight (g)masonry, concrete or woodfor Cable Tray
MinMaxMinMaxMaxins x Nomm
385AA0110.514.5100151832122.31 1/4 x 8M4 x 30
385AA0212.216.7100172236143.41 1/2 x 8M4 x 35
385AA0314.61R.8100212643165.51 3/4 x 8M4 x 40
385AA0417.724.050253151188.62 x 8M4 x 45
385AA0521.728.5253037572012.42 1/4 x 12M6 x 50
385AA0626.234.2253543652216.42 1/2 x 12M6 x 60
385AA0731.R41.61042527825242 3/4 x 12M6 x 70
385AA083R.351.1105062R126353 1/4 x 12M6 x 80
  • Technical information subject to change without notice

Prysmian 385 Telcleat Datasheet

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