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CSL Desiccant Transformer Breathers

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Transformer Breathers

Wet and dirty air can be sucked into transformers and other industrial equipment, leading to problems including abrasion, adhesion, erosion and fatigue. Over time, this is one of the biggest causes of machinery breakdown.

CSL transformer breathers are an exclusive range of transformer breathers with silica gel charges, along with accessories such as the CSL Breather Dryer Unit and CSL Desiccant Breather Mounting Brackets.

What is a desiccant breather?

Transformer breathers use a desiccant gel, such as silica gel, to remove moisture from the air intake of the transformer, preventing excess humidity from reaching the inner components of the equipment.

A simple, affordable passive method to 'scrub' the air at the transformer's intake can have far-reaching benefits. The inner workings of your transformer are kept cleaner and drier for longer, reducing cleaning and maintenance demand, and helping to prevent costly downtime at a later date.

Sizes of desiccant breather

We supply desiccant breathers in three types and multiple sizes:

  • HBP1/HBP2 Economy Breathers for smaller equipment
  • HB1-7 Desiccant Breathers with matching spare charges
  • HB55/66/77 Double Breathers (optional HB777 Triple Breather)

Full specifications are available on the 'Technical Info' tab of each product's page, or contact us if you need help deciding which unit you need.

How to install a transformer breather

Transformer breather installation is easy and is fully documented in the downloadable documents on each product's page on the Cable Systems website. In general, installation is as simple as removing the breather's casting and screwing it on to the transformer.

Installing the desiccant charge is easy too. Just remove the sealing bungs from the ends of the charge and screw it into position. To remove the charge for replacement or replenishment, just reverse the process.

For a more secure installation, invest in CSL Desiccant Breather Mounting Brackets. These are available in a range of sizes and will help to keep your desiccant charge securely mounted at all times.

What colour is desiccant silica gel?

The desiccant silica gel used in CSL transformer breathers is a bright orange colour when the charge is new. This aids in easy identification of desiccant charges that are still in good condition.

Over time as the gel absorbs water, the colour will fade. We would recommend replacing the charge once it reaches a pale yellow colour. It's best to do this before the silica gel turns completely clear, to ensure the breather continues to provide good protection for your transformer.

How do you replace a desiccant charge?

Again, just follow the instructions for your model of transformer breather and you should be able to replace a saturated charge in a matter of minutes. The charge can then be dried on-site, sent away for replenishment, or disposed of if it has reached the end of its usable life.

To replenish charges on-site, use the CSL Breather Dryer Unit. Available in 110V or 240V models, just attach the charge to the dryer and run the heating cycle to remove the moisture. This can be repeated up to three times per charge, allowing them to be reused several times before being replaced.

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The Desiccant Breather range previously sold by Cable Systems Ltd were manufactured by Hawke International U.K. CSL now own the manufacturing and distribution rights for this range of Desiccant Breathers.

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