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The Desiccant Breather range previously sold by Cable Systems Ltd were manufactured by Hawke International U.K. CSL now own the manufacturing and distribution rights for this range of Desiccant Breathers.

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The biggest cause of machine break down is from machines breathing in dirty, wet air. Over time, the intake of this air leads to the abrasion, erosion, adhesion and fatigue of your machinery, causing it to break down much more frequently than it should do.

Breathers prevent machines from taking in this air, expanding their lifespan and improving their reliability. A small investment in a breather at the start of a machines life will save you a great deal of costly downtime later.

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    Breathers are traditionally used to control moisture and dirt levels in Transformers but they may also be used with a range of other equipment including gearboxes for the mining industry. They’re essential for any machinery that operates in harsh environments where oil might become contaminated, causing the equipment to break down quickly.