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CSL HB Type Desiccant Transformer Breathers

An efficient means of removing moisture from your equipment to increase its lifespan. Suitable for an extensive range of applications


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The HB desiccant breather is ideal for a large range of transformer sizes. The charge is constructed from high strength polycarbonate with the additional protection of a polythene coated metal screen, it’s identical die cast end plates are sealed in position to form a very strong unit.

  • Sizes 1,2,3 and 4 tapped to accept ¾” B.S.P.P.
  • Sizes 5 and above supplied with standard hole positions to accept a flanged fixing to BS10 table D (1″ pipe).


Ref No.Transformer Total Oil
Content Litres
Maximum weight of
Desiccant Kg.
Length of Assembly
Dimension “A”
Diameter of Charge
Length of Charge Container
HB1Up to 11150.70230105170
HB2From 1115 up to 22301.20330105300
HB3From 2230 up to 44552.40530105470
HB4From 4455 up to 111505.0350215280
HB5From 11150 up to 222308.5500215430
HB6From 22230 up to 3342012.0650215600
HB7From 33420 up to 4455015.0800215730
All dimensions in millimetres (approximate).

Hawke HB Series Breather Datasheet

Hawke HB Series Breather Assembly Instructions

Download CSL Breather Catalogue

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