Hazardous area air heaters are a safe way to raise ambient air temperatures in harsh and hazardous environments, whether for the comfort of personnel or to keep equipment within its ideal operating range.

We stock a selection of hazardous area heaters including EXHEAT increased safety air warmers and flameproof heaters, suitable for some of the highest risk zones.

EXHEAT products can be certified for Zone 1 and Zone 2, as well as Zone 21 and Zone 22, so there is a hazardous area heater to suit almost any application.

Designs include fan heaters, convection heaters, liquid-filled radiators and enclosure/cabinet heaters, so again there’s plenty to choose from whatever task you encounter.

Portable fan heaters are a particularly good way to provide temporary task warmth while work is carried out, without installing a permanently fixed heater in that position.

To protect pipework against extremely low temperatures along its entire length, take a look at our Trace Heating Products page.

Here you’ll find a variety of hazardous area trace heating solutions, which provide an electrical heating element you run along the pipe, combined with passive insulation to ensure consistently efficient warming with no cold spots.