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Flexible Conduit Systems

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Flexible conduits offer a convenient way to protect electrical cables and other wiring, such as data cables, inside a PVC or metal suit of armour.

A flexible conduit system combines lengths of protective piping with specially designed fittings to connect in a straight line, at 90 degrees or at other desirable angles.

These fittings meet various standards of fire safety and explosion protection, such as Exd and Exe, so there's no compromise on your level of safety in hazardous areas.

Different conduits can also protect against different specific risks. A steel-core PVC conduit can resist high temperatures, chemical attacks and exposure to oil, for example.

The convenience of flexible conduits comes from their flexible nature, which allows them to negotiate bends and turns without reducing the level of protection, and where there is no standard fitting for the required angle.

As a result, hazardous area flexible conduit systems are a versatile solution to the need to protect cables and wiring to a very high standard.

Cable Systems stock an extensive range of flexible conduits for hazardous areas with compatible fittings. If you're not sure which is best for your premises, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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While rigid conduits are more common in many industrial settings, flexible conduits offer several benefits, including better isolation from environmental vibration, and easier installation where a large number of fittings would normally be required to support a rigid conduit.

This mechanical protection makes robust flexible conduit systems ideal for mining, oil and gas, and in any industrial environment where hazardous areas restrict the use of standard conduit systems.