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Flexible conduit systems allow you to install cable connections with excellent ingress protection and confidence that the conduit will remain liquid tight for a long time to come.

Metallic liquid tight conduits typically feature a galvanised braided metal core coated in a material such as PVC, to provide a strong yet flexible aperture through which cables can run.

We have a wide range of conduit types made in different combinations of materials, which offer ingress protection up to an IP69K rating, as well as fittings to complete your installation.

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    While rigid conduits are more common in many industrial settings, flexible conduits offer several benefits, including better isolation from environmental vibration, and easier installation where a large number of fittings would normally be required to support a rigid conduit.

    This mechanical protection makes robust flexible conduit systems ideal for mining, oil and gas, and in any industrial environment where hazardous areas restrict the use of standard conduit systems.