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Increased Safety Enclosures

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Exe increased safety enclosures are industrial equipment enclosures that provide a physical barrier against hazardous environmental conditions.


Exe increased safety enclosures can protect against direct and ambient threats to equipment, especially in the presence of explosive risks like:

  • Arcs and sparks.
  • Fire and flame.
  • High ambient temperature.

Exe increased safety enclosures are available in a range of materials, including stainless steel and aluminium, as well as non-metallic materials like glass-reinforced plastic and polyester.

By installing equipment inside exe increased safety enclosures, you protect it against these external threats, while also protecting people and equipment in that external environment against any risk of damage or injury from malfunction of the internal devices.

Exe increased safety enclosures can be used to protect against isolated threats, for example short-term or instantaneous risks like sparks caused by short circuits, welding or other unusual activity.

They can also shield the internal equipment against ongoing conditions like high temperatures or the presence of naked flames as part of routine operations.

By protecting against both sets of conditions, you can help to ensure safe and normal operation of the devices inside your exe increased safety enclosures at all times, no matter what happens outside.