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CEAG eLLK/M 92 LED 400A/800A Standard & Emergency

Linear light fitting series with new LED module, for hazardous areas Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22


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Ex-LED-Linear light fitting

eLLK/M 92 LED 400A / eLLK/M 92 LED 800A / eLLK/M 92 LED 400A NE / eLLK 92 LED 800A NE (Zone 1, 2, 21, 22)

The efficient solution for your explosion-protected lighting concept

The explosion-protected linear light fittings series eLLK/M 92 LED 400A/800A combines the latest LED technology with the protection of a reliable housing solution. As a result, this light fitting series is the ideal solution for lighting tasks in harsh and hazardous environments.

Latest lighting technology for a proven lighting concept

With the new Gen2 modules, our LED linear luminaires are even more efficient and brighter than before. In addition, they now also have an extended temperature range from -25 °C to +55 °C. The new eLLK-2/4-C/W LED module can also be used for converting existing eLLK/M 92 light fittings with fluorescent lamps and an electronic ballast (EVG 09) into LED linear light fittings in just few simple steps.

The LED system design and certification allow the use in the proved Ex e technology of the eLLK/M 92 light fittings. With the use of our electronic ballast EVG 09 as the driver, we can rely on more than 20 years successful and safe operation in harsh and hazardous environments.

The advantages of the LED module:

  • Environmentally friendly,
    no mercury
  • Shock and vibration resistant, no filament or glass to break
  • Immediate start, instant full illumination
  • No life time reduction due to switching cycles
  • Reduced disposal costs

Energy and cost savings

  • >20% energy savings compared to fluorescent lamps
  • Additional energy savings due to operation on demand (night/day and presence mode)
  • Reduced maintenance costs compared to standard fluorescent lamps
  • Lower overall cost of ownership

Operating life

  • The expected operating life of this LED module is up to 110,000 hours. This is a significant improvement compared to traditional light sources.
  • Heat sinks are specifically engineered to remove heat from the LEDs to ensure a longer life, better lumen output and accurate colour temperature.
  • Fully operational with V-CG-S modules for connection to CEAG central battery emergency lighting systems.
  • Also available as self-contained emergency luminaire eLLK 92 LED … NE.

Easy and cost-effective installation

Like all the luminaires in the eLLK lighting family, our standard LED linear luminaires feature a single-ended throughwiring, which, in conjunction with the generously dimensioned
terminal compartment, allows a cost-effective installation. The double-sided locking facility with 10 or 20 latch points allows the protective bowl to be hinged on both sides, meaning
that the fitting can be mounted on either side.


  • >20 % energy savings compared to similar fluorescent luminaires
  • Special LED design with direct light distribution
  • Proved technology. The EVG 09 has been used as a driver for more than 20 years
  • Various light colour temperatures available – 4000 K / 5700 K
  • Selected LED chips with perfect binning, low power loss and long life
  • Ex-e technology for easy maintenance
  • For ambient temperatures from -25 °C up to +55 °C

CEAG eLLK/M 92 LED 400A/800A Datasheet

The explosion protected eLLK 92 LED 400/800 luminaire series combines advantages of the reliable fluorescent light fitting eLLK 92 018/18 and eLLK 92 036/36 with the advantages of modern LED-technique.

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