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30 Sep 2020

Cable Systems are now Cyber Essentials Certified

Cable Systems are delighted to have received confirmation that we are now Cyber Essentials Certified, which recognises our commitment to high levels o...
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20 Aug 2020

Temporary and portable floodlights for use in hazardous areas

Hazardous area products don’t have to be bulky in order to offer ATEX and IECEx protection, so when you are working in an area that......
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29 Jul 2020

An overview of Hawke Ex Connectors

Hawke has been a respected brand in harsh industrial and hazardous area products since 1957, when William Hawke produced his first cable gland. Over t...
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3 Jul 2020

Motion sensitive distillery lighting is safe and stunning

Distillery lighting has to tick a lot of boxes. Employees need good levels of illumination during working hours, while for VIPs you also need to......
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9 Jun 2020

Introducing the Hawke PL511 Glass Reinforced Plastic Enclosure

Sliced Design, Sliced Cost and Sliced Installation Time What has been added to the PL5 Range? The PL511 is the latest addition to the brand......
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28 May 2020

Cable Systems launches CSL Transformer Breathers

Cable Systems have launched CSL Transformer Breathers, formally known as the Hawke Transformer Breather range. Following a recent shake-up of their pr...
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21 May 2020

Hubbell Killark KFL-X Series LED Floodlight

KFL-X The revolutionary KFL-X is a new and improved floodlight that has more power and durability than any other floodlight on the market. Easy Instal...
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27 Apr 2020

Hawke Cable Glands: Features and Applications

Hawke cable glands provide a variety of protection for cables running through hazardous areas, as well as in harsh and industrial settings. They can p...
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8 Apr 2020

An introduction to Ex Lighting Enclosures

Good lighting is important in all working environments, but particularly in industrial and potentially hazardous areas. But to ensure that lighting st...
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