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29 Jun 2021

Unistrut Cable Management

Where to install Unistrut

Unistrut is a convenient metal framing system that dates back to the 1930s and is hugely popular in the present day for its fast and......
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28 May 2021

The importance of motion sensors in hazardous environments

There are several important uses for motion sensors in hazardous environments, and these can help to improve safety while saving on running costs like...
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28 Apr 2021

graphic of an ex connector in hazardous environment

Why Ex connectors are essential in harsh and hazardous environments

Ex connectors for harsh and hazardous environments are an essential way to connect power, control, instrumentation and fibre optics without raising th...
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25 Mar 2021

How cable transit systems protect from chemical damage

Cable transit sealing systems are a form of protection for hazardous areas and industrial environments to prevent the spread of fire or flood to adjac...
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5 Mar 2021

What are the components needed in a Cable Transit Sealing System?

Cable Transit Sealing Systems such as Hawke Cable Transit Sealing Systems and Roxtec Modular Cable Transit Systems consist of modular components that ...
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1 Feb 2021

Stay safe and warm with hazardous area heaters

When the winter bites hard, The Bulldog Portable Fan Heater from EXHEAT Industrial bites back, even at temperatures as low as -40C. Its dual enclosure...
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22 Dec 2020

Transit Systems for Data Centres

Hawke Transit Systems for Data Centres provide an important way to protect cables and pipes, as well as the data centre itself, at the places......
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18 Dec 2020

Hawke Cable Gland Installation Guides

Hawke International Cable Glands are designed by our experts to provide the highest levels of safety, combined with easy installation. Recently launch...
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27 Nov 2020

Cable Transit Sealing Systems explained

Cable Transit Sealing Systems allow pipes and cables to pass through a wall, bulkhead or other enclosure without compromising its integrity. Examples ...
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