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29 Apr 2022

Black flexible cable conduit from Flexicon

Hygienic Cable Protection Systems for Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical

Hygienic cable protection systems are important in a variety of production environments with specific hygiene or wash-down requirements. Cable managem...
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30 Mar 2022

Product image of the Ex-Mo Hazardous Area Motion Sensor

Cut bills and save energy with the Ex-Mo Motion Sensor

The Ex-Mo Hazardous Area Motion Sensor is a microwave motion sensor that can transmit a control signal to hazardous area equipment such as overhead an...
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23 Mar 2022

CEAG ExLin – LED Linear Fixture for Zone 1 and 21 Hazardous Areas

CEAG ExLin / ExLin NE+ Non-metallic Hazardous Area Linear LED Light Fixtures Approved for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous areas, the Crouse-Hinds....
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25 Feb 2022

An MEDC Ex-Signal Light Beacon

An introduction to MEDC’s hazardous area equipment

MEDC have been designing and manufacturing harsh, industrial and hazardous environment alarm, signal, control and notification equipment since 1975. P...
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24 Jan 2022

A hazardous area telephone from GAI-TRONICS

Make the right call with GAI-TRONICS hazardous area telephones

GAI-TRONICS is one of the world’s largest industrial communication brands. The company manufactures hazardous area telephones, including both an...
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21 Dec 2021

EXHEAT heaters for hazardous area locations

Working in a hazardous area is challenging enough, without struggling through cold weather. Cable Systems stock a range of EXHEAT heaters for hazardou...
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7 Dec 2021

Meet the Hawke PL5 GRP Enclosure Range

Exceptional Strength. 50% Less Weight. Meet the PL5 range of Exe Enclosures. Moulded from Glass Reinforced Plastic rather than the traditional Glass R...
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30 Nov 2021

What is Unistrut Metal Framing?

How Unistrut works: What it is and how it gets put together. Unistrut is an incredibly versatile framing system for completing projects with ease. If....
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23 Nov 2021

EXHEAT MFH ‘The Bulldog’ Portable Fan Heater

The Bulldog: Providing a Safe, Portable Heating Solution for Hazardous Areas The MFH Portable Fan Heater is the world’s first truly portable haz...
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