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Latest Cable Systems News

Exd enclosures drive demand in electrical enclosures market

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Exd enclosures are contributing towards growing demand in the global electrical enclosures market in the coming decade, according to market analysis from Inkwood Research. In a report looking ahead at the global electrical enclosures market from 2018 to 2026, the analyst predicts strong growth of nearly 6.8% CAGR compared with 2017 as the reference year. […]


Hazardous area equipment checklist for spring-summer

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While the harsh weather conditions of winter present an obvious need for hazardous area equipment that can withstand heavy rain, strong winds and extreme cold, the spring-summer months bring their own risks that can be mitigated through the use of the correct hazardous area equipment. The obvious example is the swing from cold temperatures to […]


Hawke Cable Gland Spanners Now In Stock!

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Hawke Cable Gland Spanners are now in stock & available to purchase online via our website Here…. The Hawke range of Gland Spanners have been designed specifically for use with Hawke Cable Glands. The Hawke range of Gland Spanners have been designed for use with Hawke’s market-leading range of harsh and hazardous area, industrial, mining […]


Five hazardous area Christmas concerns

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There are always warnings about extra risks in the home in the run-up to Christmas, from scented candles setting the curtains on fire, to overloaded multi-way adaptors sparking and setting the tree alight, but the season brings some very significant extra concerns to industrial hazardous areas too – here are five to keep in mind this year.


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