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25 Jun 2019

Three types of flexible conduit systems

Cable Systems stock flexible conduit systems for hazardous areas and for harsh & industrial environments – and broadly speaking, these are d...
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2 May 2019

50 years of leading-edge offshore industrial products at OTC 2019

This year’s Offshore Technology Conference (OTC 2019) marks a major milestone in the event’s long history of showcasing the latest leading...
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26 Feb 2019

Controlling hazardous area temperature in hot conditions

The UK is currently experiencing an unseasonal heat wave, with temperatures topping 20C for the first time in meteorological winter in recorded histor...
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21 Jan 2019

Surge protection helps to storm-proof hazardous area equipment

Surge protection systems are an important way to storm-proof hazardous area equipment, reducing the damage caused by overloading due to a direct light...
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10 Dec 2018

Oxalis CCTV Camera

How to get the best from workplace CCTV systems

Workplace CCTV systems can provide essential monitoring and surveillance, especially in the case of hazardous area CCTV camera stations, which can rem...
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21 Nov 2018

Five ways hazardous area telephones keep you safe

Hazardous area telephones include extra features designed to protect personnel when making phone calls from dangerous areas and workplaces. Here are j...
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17 Sep 2018

Why are fibre optic connectors for hazardous areas a good choice?

Industries of all kinds rely on connectivity to network with smart devices and to retrieve data from monitoring devices, networked surveillance camera...
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4 Apr 2018

Hazardous area equipment checklist for spring-summer

While the harsh weather conditions of winter present an obvious need for hazardous area equipment that can withstand heavy rain, strong winds and extr...
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31 Jan 2018

Services and solutions for hazardous area equipment

It's important not just to buy the right hazardous area equipment, but to ensure that it is installed and configured for correct use - which is why we...
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