MEDC alarms from Eaton Crouse-Hinds are a range of alarm call points, loudspeakers, beacons/strobes and other hazardous area safety systems designed to raise awareness of an ongoing emergency in industrial environments.

They have been developed to meet specific demands in challenging environments, including in harsh conditions and the uniquely challenging conditions involved with working offshore.

In such settings, raising the alarm when something goes wrong can be a matter of life and death, and MEDC alarm call points are built to withstand the elements yet allow for immediate operation when an emergency occurs.

The full range includes visible status lights, strobes and beacons, enabling clear indication of normal operating conditions, temporary alert states and high-alert emergency conditions using bright signal lights that are difficult to miss or ignore.

These combine with horns, sounders and loudspeakers that can output a variety of audible warning sounds, again reducing the risk that an alarm state can be missed even if personnel are not looking in the direction of the signal lights.

With robust construction and a range of reliable installation options, MEDC alarms are ideal for the most exposed environments, both onshore and offshore, for the completely crucial application of saving human lives.