Hazardous area telephones have to cope with a lot, from extremes of temperature, to the risk of water ingress and exposure to high humidity.

One risk that should not be ignored in harsh & industrial settings, and especially outdoors, is the threat of a direct impact to the telephone unit.

Direct impacts can occur for many different reasons: vehicles and mobile machinery gone astray, extreme weather conditions, and even projectiles sent flying in an explosion.

Impact-resistant telephones can absorb substantial physical shocks, with robust outer casings made of polycarbonate and similarly strong materials.

Cable Systems stock a number of impact-resistant telephones for hazardous areas, including FHF Ex FernTel analogue and IP telephones, and FHF Ex ResistTel IP2 telephones for indoor and outdoor use.

Other hazardous area telephones stocked by Cable Systems include the Gai-Tronics Auteldac 5 Analogue Telephone, which is both ATEX and IECEx approved, designed to withstand the most arduous industrial atmospheres and extreme environments.

During an industrial incident or natural disaster, these units are all designed to survive a direct impact, while continuing to function so communications are not interrupted.

This is in addition to other characteristics such as resistance to chemicals, humidity and explosions – making impact-resistant telephones a worthy addition to your Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 equipment.

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