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Featured Products

A selection of our featured products

Cable Systems are specialists in the supply and manufacture of harsh industrial and hazardous area electrical equipment & lighting.

Our range of Hazardous Area Products is expansive, including heaters, control switches, motion sensors and connectors from various manufacturers. Have a look at some of our products:

Lighting Junction Boxes / Terminal enclosures Distribution Boards Control Stations Cable Glands Audible & Visual Warning Signals Flexible Conduit Motion Sensors Plugs & Sockets

New Products

  • Hawke Cable Gland Spanners
    The Hawke range of Cable Gland Spanners have been designed specifically for use with Hawke Cable Glands, Minimises injuries commonly found in installations using adjustable spanners or wrenches.
  • Chalmit Protecta X LED
    The Chalmit Protecta X LED Luminaire with its cutting edge design, breaking the mould of traditional linear luminaires. Be prepared for the Protecta X!

Recent News

The latest news from Cable Systems

  • Controlling hazardous area temperature in hot conditions

    The UK is currently experiencing an unseasonal heat wave, with temperatures topping 20C for the first time in meteorological winter in recorded history - so what does this mean for controlling hazardous area temperature? Well although the temperatures are high for February, they are still lower than you would expect in a typical summer, so hazardous area equipment that is designed for use all year round should still be well within its normal operating range. However, the higher than normal temperatures do mean you should pay close attention to hazardous area heaters and ensure that you adjust your thermostat and hazardous area heating controls to account for the extra ambient heat.

    Hazardous area thermostats - a safe option throughout the year

    Hazardous area thermostats are useful in unseasonal weather as they allow automatic adjustment of hazardous area heaters, ensuring that enclosed spaces do not overheat. In this sense, heating controls for hazardous areas are as important, if not more so, when ambient air temperatures are higher as when your hazardous area heaters are operating at or close to their full capacity - a great example of when one piece of hazardous area equipment serves a dual purpose throughout the year. Get in touch with us today to learn more about installing a hazardous area thermostat of your own today.

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  • Surge protection helps to storm-proof hazardous area equipment

    Surge protection systems are an important way to storm-proof hazardous area equipment, reducing the damage caused by overloading due to a direct lightning strike. Every year, thousands of businesses are affected by storm damage in different ways, from flooding, to wind damage, to damage caused to electronics by lightning strikes. Research from the Federation of Small Businesses published in 2015 put the total insurable costs for the 2013-14 storm season alone at over £1 billion for businesses and households combined, with 3,200 commercial premises impacted. And it's not only during the winter when this can occur - in May 2018 severe storms lashed the south of England, with more than 15,000 lightning strikes occurring in four hours on Saturday, May 26th. Despite landing on a weekend, this storm still caused widespread disruption, with a lightning strike preventing refuelling of aeroplanes at Stansted Airport, leading to flights being delayed or cancelled. Much of the disruption of a lightning strike - and the power surge associated with it - can be avoided simply by installing surge protection, keeping equipment safe anywhere on commercial premises but particularly protecting against the risks of fire or explosion in hazardous area equipment.

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