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Featured Products

A selection of our featured products

Cable Systems are specialists in the supply and manufacture of harsh industrial and hazardous area electrical equipment & lighting.

Our range of Hazardous Area Products is expansive, including heaters, control switches, motion sensors and connectors from various manufacturers. Have a look at some of our products:

Lighting Junction Boxes / Terminal enclosures Distribution Boards Control Stations Cable Glands Audible & Visual Warning Signals Flexible Conduit Motion Sensors Plugs & Sockets

New Products

  • Eaton Crouse-Hinds PXLED Floodlight
    The Brand New PXLED Power Floodlight from Eaton Crouse-Hinds, suitable for Zone 1 & 2, 21 & 22, Contact us NOW for a demonstration
  • Hawke Hazcon Control Stations
    Hazcon Control Stations range are a key addition to the Hubbell Harsh and Hazardous product line. Developed to exceed customer expectations, the range further enhances our connection and control solution based product portfolio.

Recent News

The latest news from Cable Systems

  • Why you should consider non-metallic hazardous area conduits

    A lot of hazardous area equipment is made of metal - including metallic hazardous area conduits that offer strength and liquid-tight properties - but non-metallic hazardous area conduits are also worth considering as they may be the better option in many cases. Non-metallic conduits keep out water and dust, are easy to install and are naturally flexible, which means no impact on performance if the conduit moves slightly during use. They can be used in all kinds of environments, making them a versatile choice for hazardous area conduits, and can also be used in retrofit projects as well as fresh installations. As well as typically costing less than metallic conduits, non-metallic hazardous area conduits are more lightweight, and are easy to cut, again making installation easier if the conduit needs to be cut to length. Corrugated construction strengthens the conduit further, and the materials used in their construction allow for extremely high flame retardation and corrosion resistance.  As with metallic conduits, non-metallic conduits can be specified in a variety of sizes, but also in different colours ranging from black and grey to high-visibility orange - not only making for an installation that is safe for use in a hazardous area, but also ensuring the conduit is easy to spot for anyone working in the area too.

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  • What are the best hazardous area heaters?

    Last month we looked at hazardous area equipment for cold weather in terms of the lower end of the operating temperature range - but what are the best hazardous area heaters to raise the air temperature for equipment that needs warmer ambient conditions, or just for the comfort of humans in the area? Hazardous area heaters come in a variety of different formats, from liquid-filled radiators and fan heaters to convection heaters and flameproof air warmers. A lot of hazardous area heaters of all kinds are flameproof, and you will find different models certified for use in Zone 1 and 2, as well as Zone 21 and 22, giving you a good choice of the precise level of safety you need. EXHEAT produce a particularly versatile option in the form of the EXHEAT MFH Portable Fan Heater, more commonly known simply as The Bulldog due to its squat shape. This fan-assisted hazardous area heater is completely portable, allowing it to be set up in seconds without adding to the risk in a hazardous area, and can warm a medium-sized room in its entirety or direct warm air to a specific space in a larger room.

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