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Chalmit Neo X LED Bulkhead Luminaire

Zone 1/21 LED Bulkhead Luminaire


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The latest Zone 1 LED X Series luminaire, the Neo X bulkhead focuses on the needs of the user by combining multiple lumen outputs with long term maintenance benefits. Providing a market leading range of photometric outputs using our X-series optics to efficiently illuminate any Zone 1/21 application, the Neo X is a true successor to the Nexled and Nevis ranges of bulkhead luminaires.

  • Highly Energy Efficient >120lm/W up to 135lm/W
  • Available with asymmetric walkway optic, minimising light pollution
  • Optional hot swap battery for more efficient maintenance
  • 120,000 maintenance free hours at 25° C (100,000 hrs for EM and EMI)
  • Exit sign options
  • Small footprint areas of restricted space

The Neo X is a hazardous area bulkhead for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 areas. Click the “Contact Us’ link above to get in touch with us and discuss how the next generation Neo X Floodlight could work for you!

Std. Cat No. Delivered Output Power Consumption T class T°C (Dust) Ambient °C Weight
NOXB/01L/LE 1550 lm 11.5W T6 T76 -55 to +55 6kg
NOXB/02L/LE 2311 lm 17.5W T6 T76 -55 to +55 6kg
NOXB/04L/LE 4363 lm 35W T5 T76 -55 to +55 6kg
NOXB/01L/LE/EMI 1550 lm 15W T5 T76 -25 to +55 7.5kg
NOXB/02L/LE/EMI 2311 lm 20.5W T5 T76 -25 to +55 7.5kg


Accessories order separately
Exit, left, right, up, down, sign kit SNOXB1-0001

Download Chalmit NEO X LED Bulkhead Datasheet

Download Chalmit NEO X LED Bulkhead Mini Catalogue

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