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Industrial and Manufacturing

Heavy industrial and manufacturing facilities present a variety of challenges, from hazardous areas and explosive-risk materials, through to stringent quality and reliability targets that must be upheld at all times.

Cable Systems produce and supply an extensive selection of hazardous area equipment, as well as harsh and industrial hardware to help manufacturers meet and exceed their targets with total peace of mind.

Whatever hazardous zone you have to contend with, from explosive gases and dusts, to corrosive chemicals and very high process temperatures, we can help you to mitigate your risk.


Industrial area lighting

Our industrial area lighting catalogue includes standard and emergency lighting for industrial and manufacturing premises, as well as energy-efficient highbay lighting with easy installation and built-in corrosion resistance.

With typical operating temperatures from as low as -20C to around +50C, our industrial luminaires can be used in a wide range of environments with no need for additional heating, cooling or weather protection.

Individual products will vary – but full datasheets are available on our website to download on-demand, and if anything is not clear we welcome you to ask for more details.


Cable glands and cable transit

Industrial cable glands and cable transit solutions allow cables to pass safely through hazardous areas, as well as to transit the perimeter of a secure area without creating an additional hazard.

With our range of transit frames, blocks and seals, you can put in place flexible cable transit systems, with spare capacity to scale to your future needs by replacing solid filler modules with cable blocks.

Cables are essential in manufacturing environments for power, data and control signals. With harsh and industrial cable glands, you know that your wiring is protected against a broad range of threats.


Audible and visual warnings

Whether for use as routine signals or to raise the alarm in case of emergency, industrial audible and visual warnings protect personnel, processes and materials alike.

Examples include:

  • Beacons
  • Sounders
  • Status Lights
  • Strobes
  • ‘Traffic Lights’

Combination units can be used to create more complex visual signals, using multiple coloured lights to indicate different conditions – ideal for industrial facilities to control access or to portray different alert levels.

And with telephones and accessories for harsh and industrial environments, you have a means of communicating quickly, safely and securely, all without introducing any additional hazards into the area.


Find out more

We welcome enquiries about harsh and industrial equipment for industrial and manufacturing applications – including the examples given above, as well as any other purposes.

You can find our full product range on our website, with details of hazardous zone certification, other industry standards and technical specifications.

Each product’s datasheet is available to download on-demand, which you can store digitally or print for future reference and records-keeping.

If you would like to know more, just ask. We’re happy to recommend specific products for your current challenges and applications, and can offer guidance on stock levels if you want to place an order for immediate delivery.