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Starting out in the 1930s as a company manufacturing metal conduit products, the company acquired hazardous area expertise from acquisitions and mergers during the 1970s and became part of the Chamberlin & Hill group at this time. Solenoids & Regulators Ltd had operated since the early part of the 20th century, and grew into manufacturing generator controls before producing motor control gear for use in hazardous areas. They were based in Balsall Heath, Birmingham, UK and became part of the Chamberlin & Hill group in 1979.

These two companies joined forces in Aston, Birmingham in 1984 as Petrel Ltd., and a few years afterwards acquired ‘Heyes of Wigan’ from BICC. Heyes were manufacturers of lighting for use in hazardous areas and, although the Heyes name has since disappeared, the well known range was updated and absorbed within the Petrel range.

In 1997, Petrel had outgrown the Aston site and amalgamated with Fitter & Poulton, also in the Chamberlin & Hill group, to become Petrel, Fitter & Poulton Ltd. (PFP), now based on the current 3650 square metre facility and employing over 50 people and operating on shifts. The plant includes power presses, CNC machines and paint spray plant, plus special purpose and assembly lines and test equipment.

PFP became Petrel Ltd in 2007 and manufacturing placed greater emphasis on the hazardous area lighting and control equipment part of the business. Since that time the business has grown steadily to become a highly reputable brand for Hazardous Area Lighting and Control Equipment, developing a robust high quality product offer serving customers all around the world.