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Cable Management

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Good cable management is crucial to keep hazardous areas safe from risks including trip hazards, current leakage, EM fields and short circuits.

Our range of cable management products for harsh and industrial areas includes cable cleats, cable trays, support systems, and ties, bands and clamps.

Together they allow you to run your cables along designated paths, fix them in place and keep them contained against potential threats from harsh surroundings.

Cable trays are flat, open-topped trays that offer a convenient alternative to closed conduits so new cables can be laid on top, rather than needing to be threaded through a conduit.

They include straight-line sections, corners, T-junctions, risers, reducers, and every other shape you might need to create a comprehensive cable path.

Support systems from Unistrut include light and heavy duty slotted channels along with a variety of brackets and accessories to fix them securely in place.

Cable cleats secure cables in the event of a short circuit, preventing the physical motion and recoil effect that can occur in such incidents.

Finally, cable ties, bands and clamps give you a quick and easy way to fasten cables together or to supports, helping to make sure they stay in place along their entire length.