Hawke 501/453/UNIVERSAL Cable Gland

Flameproof Exdb, Increased Safety Exeb, Restricted Breathing ExnR, Dust Extb ATEX/IECEx/EAC/cCSAus/INMETRO


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The 501/453/Universal cable gland provides two independent seals on armoured, elastomer and plastic insulated cables susceptible to damage relating to cold flow. The first is a flameproof diaphragm seal on the inner cable sheath, the second an IP seal on the outer sheath. This cable gland comes with our Reversable Armour Clamp (RAC ring) for use with single wire armour ‘W’, wire braid ‘X’, steel tape armour ‘Z’, elastomer and plastic insulated cables. The cable gland is certified Exdb and Exeb and is suitable for installation in Zone 1 (21) and Zone 2 (22) hazardous areas.

  • Provides armour clamping using one clamping arrangement for all armour/braid types.
  • Provides a diaphragm seal on the cables inner sheath which will not damage cable that has ‘cold flow’ characteristics.
  • Provides an outer deluge seal to prevent moisture ingress to the cable armour/braid.
  • Provides a cable retention and low smoke and fume, zero halogen seal onto the cables outer sheath.
  • Manufactured in Brass (standard), Nickel Plated Brass, 316 Stainless Steel or Aluminium. Brass NPT entries are nickel plated as standard.
  • Available in sizes Os to F. Sizes G and above are available in the 501/453/RAC design style.

Ordering Format [ Gland Type / Size / Thread / Material / Options ] Example: 501/453/UNIV / C / M32 / Brass. Example with Alternative Clamping Ring option: 501/453/UNIV / C / M32 / Brass / AR

ApplicationSuitable for use in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22 and in Gas Groups IIA, IIB and IIC.
Ingress Protection
  • IP66
  • IP67
  • IP68 (30 metres for 7 days) *additional installation procedures required
  • Deluge Protection to DTS01
  • NEMA 4X
MaterialBrass (standard); Nickel Plated Brass; 316 Stainless Steel; Aluminium
Operating Temparature Range Celcius-60°C to +80°C
SeriesGroup II Hazardous Area Cable Glands
Certifications and Compliance
Certified Listed
  • ATEX
  • IECEx
  • CSA
  • EAC
  • ABS
  • BV
  • DNV
  • CNEx
Hazardous Rating(s)
  • Exdb IIC Gb
  • Exeb IIC Gb
  • ExnR IIC Gc
  • Extb IIIC Db
Industry Standard(s)
  • IEC/EN 60079-0
  • IEC/EN 60079-1
  • IEC/EN 60079-7
  • IEC/EN 60079-15
  • IEC/EN 60079-31

501 453 UNIVERSAL Cable Gland Datasheet