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Flexible Conduit Systems

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Flexible conduit systems provide tough protection for electrical cables by running them through a rugged plastic or metal tube.

The flexible conduit can offer a variety of protective properties, for example protection against heat and fire, chemical corrosion and explosion risk.

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Due to their flexible construction, these tubes can easily be formed into different shapes, allowing them to curve around corners or complete connections via irregular paths.

Conduits are certified to different standards, including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) screening to MOD and London Underground standards on some products.

In addition to this, Cable Systems stock Kopex-Ex conduit fittings to make secure connections between lengths of flexible conduit.

These fittings connect lengths of conduit together in a straight line, a 90-degree elbow joint or at a 45-degree angle as required.

We would be happy to recommend the best type of flexible conduit system for the job or to help you choose appropriate conduit fittings to complete your installation to the highest standard.

Alternatively, visit the product pages in this category to find out more, including full technical specifications for the different types of flexible conduits supplied by Cable Systems.