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Weidmuller Klippon® POK Earthing Plates

Earth Continuity Plates in Brass for the Klippon POK range of G.R.P enclosures.


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Klippon® POK earthing stud

The Klippon® POK enclosure range is made from a high-quality glass fibre reinforced polyester and is ideal for applications and environments where corrosion resistance, impact resistance and a high IP protection class are a requirement.

Key features of the extensive product range:

  • Available in 17 sizes
  • Two standard finishes (colours): grey (similar to RAL 7001 for industrial use) and black (similar to RAL 9011 for harsh environments, Ex)
  • Cover with stainless steel screws in cross-head / slotted design
  • Moulded gasket made of silicone or chloroprene
  • Fixing holes outside the sealed area to ensure high ingress protection of IP66
  • Impact resistance up to 7 Joules
  • Mounting directly in the enclosure or using an internal mounting plate
  • Direct wall mounting possible using fixing holes or mounting feet
  • Fastening thread to attach mounting rails and plates
  • Up to E60 fire rating dependent on the configuration

Cable Systems can manufacture and supply this enclosure to match customer specifications – fitted with all necessary terminals and cable glands.

Brass Earth Continuity Plate
Height x Width x Depth in mm
Order No.
KLIPPON COPL 08080632,5 x 101 x 0,81390910000
KLIPPON COPL 08110633,5 x 131 x 0,81390920000
KLIPPON COPL 08160633,5 x 181 x 0,81390930000
KLIPPON COPL 08190632,5 x 211 x 0,81390940000
KLIPPON COPL 08230633,5 x 258 x 0,81390950000
KLIPPON COPL 12120957,5 x 177 x 0,81390970000
KLIPPON COPL 12220957,5 x 275 x 0,81390980000
KLIPPON COPL 16160960,5 x 239 x 0,81390990000
KLIPPON COPL 16260960,5 x 339 x 0,81391000000
KLIPPON COPL 16360960,5 x 438 x 0,81391010000
KLIPPON COPL 16560960,5 x 656 x 0,81391020000
KLIPPON COPL 252512/1685,5 x 424 x 0,81391030000
KLIPPON COPL 254012/1685,5 x 567 x 0,81391040000
KLIPPON COPL 25601285,5 x 785 x 0,81391050000
KLIPPON COPL 40401285,5 x 722 x 0,81391070000


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