Raxton Exe Breather Drain Plugs (CV)

Exe Breather Drain ATEX/IECEx/INMETRO


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The Raxton Exe Breather/Drain Plugs (Type CV) effectively drain moisture from an enclosure and allow air from the enclosure to vent into the surrounding atmosphere thereby minimising moisture build up.

The Plug is fastened to the lowest point of the enclosure by means of a spanner or allen key. The ‘O’ ring will seal against the enclosure face enhancing the I.P. rating of the Plug. The Drain Plug can be supplied with either a serrated washer and locknut allowing the condensation to drain whilst ensuring the Plug is shakeproof or with a castellated locknut. The Exde plug has an impact resistance of 20 Nm and can operate at temperatures between -50ºC to +230ºC.

Raxton Drain Plugs are marked with the appropriate approval number and size. Tested to IP66.

Certifications and Compliance’s
Code of Protection Categories
Type CT Breather Drain Plugs
ATEX: II 2 GD, Ex e IIC Gb, Ex tb IIIC Db
IECEx: Ex d I/IIC Mb/Gb, Ex e I/IIC Mb/Gb, Ex tb IIIC Db, IP 6X
Type CV Breather Drain Plugs
ATEX: I M2, Ex e I Mb or II GD, Ex e IIC Gb, Ex tb IIIC Db.
Nylon: – II 2 GD, Ex e II only.
IECEx: Ex e IIC Mb/Gb, Ex IIIC tb Db (metallic only)
GOST: ExdeIICU, ExeIIU. Nylon: – ExeIIU only.
INMETRO: BR-Ex e I/IIC Gb, BR-Ex tD A21, IP 66

Compliance Standards
Type CT Breather Drain Plugs
ATEX / INMETRO / GOST: EN 60079-0:2007, EN 60079-1:2007,
EN 60079-7:2007, EN 61241-0:2006
EN 61241-1:2004
IECEx: IEC 60079-0:2007-10, IEC 60079-1:2007-04,
IEC 60079-7:2006-07, IEC 61241-1:2004
Type CV Breather Drain Plugs
ATEX / INMETRO / GOST: EN 60079-0:2009, EN 60079-1:2007,
EN 60079-7:2007, EN 60079-31:2008
(Metallic only); EN 50014:1997,
EN 50019:1994, EN 50281-1-1:1998 (Nylon only)
IECEx: IEC 60079-0:2007-10, IEC 60079-7:2006-07, IEC 61241-1:2004
(Metallic only)

Certificate Details
ATEX: (CV) Sira 10ATEX3279U
(CT) ITS 13ATEX17782X
IECEx: (CV) IECEx SIR 09.0096U
(CT) IECEx ITS 13.0018X
GOST: POCC GB. 06.B01060
INMETRO: (CV) NCC 12.0926X
(CT) NCC 12.0927X

The Exde Type CT Breather/Drain plug: -50°C to 230°C.
The Exe Breather/Drain plug is classified as a component and therefore
metallic products are not given an operating temperature.
Nylon temperature range -20°C to 65°C, ‘O’ ring -30°C to 125°C.

Ingress Protection (IP):
Tested to IP66

Raxton CV Breather Drain Plugs Datasheet