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Hawke Cable Blocks


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Hawke HF tolerant blocks are designed to accommodate cables/pipes passing through the frame. Our special design incorporates five contact points which allows the blocks to accommodate a range of different diameters and accept variances in cable/pipe diameter. Each block that a sealing range of 3-4mm without the need for any onsite modifications.

Also, Hawke’s unique inspectable colour code make installation easier, faster and allows a visual inspection of the transit when complete.


  • Made of zero halogen, intumescent elastomeric polymer.
  • No modification of the block needed during installation. Zero waste material.
  • Four sealing grooves within the internal faces ensure correct contact all along the cable/pipe.
  • Minimum and maximum sealing range is marked on the blocks. Also, the colour-coding allows for correct visual inspection. Our system can be visually inspected at a glance.

On each of the two exposed block faces minimum and maximum diameters are clearly marked. This indicates the specific sealing range of the block size.

Each individual block has a colour coded face, this ensures that each size and pair of tolerant block halves is always correctly matched to the cable diameter. Hawke´s unique inspectable colour coded blocks ensure that the top and bottom half of each block has been correctly matched for size.

Hawke cable/pipe tolerant blocks have been designed with a degree of flexibility in order to accommodate variances in cable diameters. Additionally this flexibility enables each Hawke block size to accept a range of cable or pipe diameters.

Hawke Transit System Tolerant Block Datasheet

Hawke Transit Systems Tolerant Block Selection Table

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