Hazardous Area Products

Hazardous Area Products

Kopex-Ex flexible conduit systems and cable glands provide safe and secure cable transit in hazardous areas, including explosive environments.


These flexible conduits include both metallic and non-metallic materials, 45-degree and 90-degree rigid elbow fittings, braided nylon and anti-static conduits, and many more.


They are commonly used in hazardous areas to avoid all manner of fire and explosion risks, as well as to protect against other environmental hazards.


Applications range from food and beverages, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, to harsh industrial environments like oil and gas.


Kopex-Ex flexible conduit systems include rugged materials for specific hazards including high temperature, oil resistance, chemical resistance and fire hazards.


These are critical safety concerns, but versatile flexible conduits can be installed easily to carry power and data to where you need it most, even in harsh and hazardous areas.


For even more options including liquid tight flexible conduits, check our range of Kopex conduit systems under Harsh & Industrial Products.


We also stock an extensive range of Hazardous Area and Harsh & Industrial cable glands, to terminate cables safely without compromising on weather-proofing, explosion risks or other aspects of the cable's own shielding.

Many products are designed to protect electrical systems against extreme conditions such as high temperatures and sub-freezing temperatures, fire risk and humidity. With control boards, cable transit sealing systems, flexible conduit systems and other electronics products, you can distribute power to where it is needed within hazardous areas, all without raising the risk level.