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Human Machine Interface - HMI

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A hazardous area human machine interface (HMI) provides a safe and convenient way for human personnel to control machinery, without putting human life or valuable infrastructure at risk.

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    The Bartec Polaris Smart HMI is one example of this intuitive way to bridge the gap between human operator and automated equipment.

    Its high-resolution touchscreen display is LED backlit, ensuring good visibility of the screen without removing from the HMI’s ratings for explosive environments.

    Inside is a third-generation Intel Atom-powered panel PC with twin 1.46 GHz processors, USB and Ethernet ports, and Windows 7 or Windows 10 software.

    The HMI is designed to cater for a variety of challenging environments, including various certifications for explosion protection – full specifications are available on the product page.

    It is also available in a gap-free exterior for use in clean rooms and with a choice of capacitive or resistive 7″ full colour screens.

    Supported by a comprehensive product datasheet and informative product showcase video, it’s an excellent way to give human operators a safe central point of access to machinery in hazardous areas.