Ex-Mo Motion Sensors are a versatile hazardous area product, not only improving security when areas are left unoccupied, but also saving energy compared with leaving floodlights turned on at all times.

These explosion-proof sensors emit microwaves and, when the waves reflect back from a moving object, the sensor can detect this via the Doppler principle.

As a result, they’re safe for IP66 Zone 1 and Zone 21 applications, and can trigger a variety of hazardous area security equipment such as floodlights and cameras.

Once motion is not detected for a designated period, the attached equipment is turned off again, saving on energy costs and carbon footprint.

You benefit from lights and cameras when a security threat is detected – along with safe illumination when authorised personnel move through a previously unlit area – all while minimising spend on your business electricity supply.

Ex-Mo Motion Sensors are easy to install with the purpose-built Ex-Mo Mounting Bracket and can be controlled from a distance via the hazardous-area-safe Ex-Mo Infra-Red Controller.

So for a safe and convenient way to cut energy and enhance security, say “lights, camera, action!” to Ex-Mo hazardous area motion sensors.