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CSL HBP Type ‘Economy’ Desiccant Transformer Breather

Designed for smaller transformers with low oil content, the HBP Breather provides an economical solution to protecting your machinery.


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The HBP Desiccant Breather has been specially designed to provide an economical protection device for smaller transformers having a low oil content.

  • The Breather body and oil seal cup are moulded in high strength polycarbonate, which offers mechanical strength and weather resistance.
  • The transparent material allows all round visibility of the Desiccant at a distance.


Ref No. Transformer Total Oil
Content Litres
Maximum weight of
Desiccant Kg.
Length of Assembly
Dimension “A”
Diameter of Charge
Length of Charge Container
HBP Up to 1250 0.65 215 100 190
HBP/2 Up to 2500 1.00 310 100 290
All dimensions in millimetres (approximate).

Hawke HBP Series Breather Datasheet

Hawke HBP Series Breather Assembly Instructions

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