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Fluorescent / Linear
CEAG ELLK Luminaire

CEAG eLLK 92 Eaton Crouse Hinds

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Zone 1 & 2 Ex-fluorescent light fitting

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CEAG eLLK 92 Details

eLLK 92... 18 W - 58 W

All plastic design for Zone 1 and 21

The eLLK 92 Ex-protected light fittings for bi-pin fluorescent lamps are fitted with an electronic ballast and conform to the ATEX Directive 94/9/EG. The modern economical ballast EVG 09 according to the latest standards (IEC 60079-7: 2006) allows a safe and economical operation of bi-pin fluorescent lamps G13 according to IEC 60081. Lamps reaching its end of life will be monitored and securely switched off (EOL-effect). The high input voltage range allows international use. Due to the standard dual channel architecture (with double lamp fittings) if one fluorescent lamp fails, the other fluorescent lamp will independently stay in operation. 

The standard single-sided through wiring in connection with the variety of possibilities offers a cost efficient installation. Double sided lock with 10, 20 or 24 latch points allows the protective bowl to be hingeable on both sides meaning the fitting can be mounted without having to pay attention to which side is the right side. 

Automatic switch built as a safety disconnector according to EN 60947 (IEC 664) with an automatic switch ensuring the disconnection of all exposed components when the fitting is opened. The optional CG-S module represents an optimum solution for the individual monitoring of light fittings connected to CEAG emergency battery systems.

  • Standard dual channel ballast
  • Double-sided safety lock
  • Safety locking system due to an integrated forced isolating switch
  • Safety standard IP66
  • Connection to CEAG emergency light monitoring systems possible
  • International Approvals
CEAG 2ft Standard Fitting 2x18W (LED Ready)
Part Number: 12265600111

[link url=""]Download our eLLK92 LED READY Brochure[/link]


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CEAG 4ft Standard Fitting 2x36W (LED Ready)
Part Number: 12266600111

[link url=""]Download our eLLK92 LED READY Brochure[/link]


15 in stock

CEAG 5ft Standard Fitting 1x58W
Part Number: ELLK92058

Low stock

CEAG 5ft Standard Fitting 2x58W
Part Number: ELLK92058/58

Low stock

CEAG 2ft Standard Fitting 2x18W
Part Number: ELLK92018/18

1 in stock

ManufacturerEaton Crouse Hinds
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Fluorescent / Linear