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Breather Draining Devices
M20 Nylon Breather Drain Plug
Raxton CV Nylon Breather Drain Plug

M20 Nylon Breather Drain Plug Raxton

Part Number: CVM1200EU

Availability: 83 in stock

Exe Type CV

£5.48 excl. VAT

M20 Nylon Breather Drain Plug Details

Raxton Exe Drain Plugs effectively drain any moisture build-up present within the enclosure whilst allowing air in the enclosure to breathe with the surrounding atmosphere minimising moisture build up within the enclosure.

Fastened by means of an allen key the Drain Plug should be fitted at the lowest point of the enclosure.

The Drain Plug can be fitted:

a) into a chamfered plain hole using drainage washer and locknut or castellated locknut on the inside of the enclosure.

b) directly into a threaded hole provided that, if the thread protrudes, the drainage hole is visible.

EExe Breather drain plugsThe Drain Plug can be supplied with either a serrated washer and locknut allowing the condensation to drain whilst ensuring the Plug is shakeproof or with a castellated locknut.

The Drain Plug is fitted with an ‘O’ ring as standard ensuring that the IP integrity of the installation is maintained.

Raxton Drain Plugs are marked with the appropriate approval number and size.

Tested to IP66.


The item is classified as a component and is therefore not given a temperature rating.

'O' ring -50°c to 100°c.

Nylon products -20°c to 65°c

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Breather Draining Devices
M20 Nylon Breather Drain Plug