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Fluorescent / Linear
CEAG eLLK 92 NE Linear Ex-Light Fitting
eLLK 92 NE
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CEAG eLLK 92 NE Linear Ex-Light Fitting Eaton Crouse Hinds

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Zone 1 & 2 Emergency Ex-fluorescent light fitting

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CEAG eLLK 92 NE Linear Ex-Light Fitting Details

Ex emergency light fittings with self-contained battery system for fluorescent lamps

If you need a reliable and decentralized emergency lighting

Emergency lighting luminaires with a self-contained battery system provide a decentralised solution for the mandatory emergency lighting, independent of central systems. In large plants, in particular, these luminaires offer significant cost benefits.

More safety due to sophisticated micro-electronics

Thanks to a new charging and monitoring technology with intelligent micro-electronics, the NE emergency lighting luminaires provide reliable safety and reduced maintenance costs. A function test lasting 5 minutes, that is carried out automatically on a weekly basis, even during mains operation, and a quarterly, partial duty-cycle test provide additional safety and drastically reduce the necessary amount of manual tests. The charging and discharging functions are monitored constantly by the microprocessor and are indicated via a diode display. Only the spent energy is recharged – therefore, overcharging is not possible. The so-called memory effect cannot occur – the service life of the battery is optimised. The need to replace a battery, a fault in the emergency lighting circuit or a faulty battery is indicated by the LED display. Due to a new type of battery connection, the battery can be replaced in the hazardous area. The emergency lighting cycle can be set locally for 1.5 or 3 hours. A remote switch inquiry is standard.

Automatic cycle test

An automatic cycle test optimises the battery life span. This process occurs when the eLLK…NE is operated for the first time and when the emergency lighting duration is less than 60 minutes. During this process the battery is discharged and charged (=cycle test) up to three times in succession. Through this, the battery capacity is optimised and an emergency lighting function of one hour is ensured. The automatic cycle tests reduce manual testing efforts and provide more safety during operation.

Simple and cost-effective installation

In conjunction with the generously dimensioned terminal compartment, the standard single- ended through-wiring allows a cost-effective installation. The double-sided locking facility with 10 or 20 latch points allows the protective bowl to be hinged on both sides, meaning that the fitting can be mounted on either side.

Maintenance possible even in hazardous areas

The battery is installed in a separate, certified housing and Ex-d connectors link the battery unit and the luminaire. After loosening the locking screws, the battery can be taken away, whereby the Ex-d switching contact in the flameproof compartment is cut-off, thus disconnecting the battery circuit. As a result, the battery is cut off completely from the charging circuit of the luminaire and it can therefore, also be replaced in the hazardous area at every time. A detachable strap protects the insert from being dropped inadvertently

Environmentally friendly and cost efficient

The power supply unit VE 12 of the eLLK 92…NE with self-contained battery system series has the integrated controlling electronics separately from the battery pack. Therefore, only the battery pack has to be removed during replacement. The robust electronics remain in the light fitting, thus it saves costs and protects the environment.


  • Standard dual channel ballast with EOL monitoring
  • Automatic weekly 5 minute function test
  • Automatic quarterly partial duty cycle test
  • Automatic cycle test, which optimises battery life span
  • Simplified 2LED diode display for indication of the charging, operation or fault status
  • Capacity-dependent charging of the battery
  • Easy replacement of battery, even in Ex-area
  • Double-sided central locking facility
  • Safety interlocking system due to an integrated forced isolating switch
  • Housing consists of impact resistant polyester (eLLK…NE) or optionally of seawater-resistant stainless steel (eLLS 08…NE)
  • High degree of protection IP66
eLLK 92018/18 NE 2 X 18W
Part Number: 12260885111

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eLLK 92036/36 NE 2 X 36W
Part Number: 12261885111

 (220 - 254 V AC)


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ManufacturerEaton Crouse Hinds
You are here
Fluorescent / Linear
CEAG eLLK 92 NE Linear Ex-Light Fitting