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Breather Draining Devices
M20 Brass Breather Drain Plug
Raxton CT Brass Breather Drain

M20 Brass Breather Drain Plug Raxton

Part Number: CTA1200Y

Availability: 1 in stock

Exd Type CT

£22.29 excl. VAT

M20 Brass Breather Drain Plug Details

The Raxton Exd Breather Drain is designed to:

1) effectively drain moisture from an enclosure 

2) allow air from the enclosure to vent into the surrounding atmosphere thereby minimising moisture build up 

3) provide the explosion proof safety required by a hazardous area environment

EExd breather drain plugsThe Plug is fastened to the lowest point of the enclosure by means of a spanner.

The Plug is an assembled item and must not be taken apart at any stage of installation.

The 'O' ring will seal against the enclosure face enhancing the I.P. rating of the Plug.

The Breather Drain has an impact resistance of 20 Nm and can operate at temperatures between -50°c to 230°c.

Tested to IP66.


Raxton Metallic Drain Plugs are available in a variety of finishes including Nickel, Electro Zinc, Zinc Passivated, Chromatised, Electroless Nickel and Anodised.


-50°c to 230°

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Breather Draining Devices
M20 Brass Breather Drain Plug