Ex lighting plays an important role in maintaining visibility in hazardous areas, but it also overcomes some of the historic challenges of lighting industrial environments that may be at risk of explosion.

With safety compliance and industrial regulations firmly on the agenda in 2020, explosion proof lighting is likely to stay high on the shopping list for compliant industrial firms, especially those that operate with Zone 0 hazardous areas on a regular basis.

Zone 0 hazardous area products are designed for safe operation in an area where it is highly likely that potentially explosive vapours and other combustible substances will be present on a fairly frequent basis.

In such settings, ex lighting makes certain that personnel have good visibility at all times of day or night, and in enclosed areas where natural daylight might not be available at any time.

Modern technologies like LED lighting allow for this without the need for filament bulbs running at high temperature, and so reduce the risk of igniting any present fumes, dust clouds or so on.

They also have a number of added benefits, for example the low maintenance demand of LED lighting in hazardous areas, the longevity of the LED luminaires and the low energy consumption.

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